Monthly Archives: October 2011

Making History


This is a special order for a man who is mad about all things historical, and has spent a lot of time recently researching the history of Tewkesbury Railway station which closed in the sixties. The card is a bit different for me as I have made it in a step-effect, attaching a small card in front of the bigger card. The main card has an old map of Tewkesbury on it, then in front there is pic of Tewkesbury Station. The backing paper is free stuff from a magazine and is suitably ‘mannish’, then I have used a black card for the smaller step card. Embellishments are cogs, sticky circles, and greetings. I hope it goes down well.




Had an interesting morning. recently we’ve been getting calls from various companies to say that they haven’t been paid. After about the fifth call of this type (bit slow on the uptake, I know) we began to think that something was wrong. So, I rang my bank, which is Smile (such irony!) the online bank. “Oh yes” said the lady who finally answered, “all of your direct debits and standing orders have been terminated because of the mismanagement of your account” she says. “Riggghhhhttttt” I say, “but we’ve had two salaries deposited, and a lump sum from an endowment, so I’m better off than I’ve been for ages”, “but this was at the beginning of October” she says “have you not received a secure online message?”. Errrrrrrr,maybe, I’m a bit hopeless at checking those out, I admit. ” Can you please reinstate the orders and debits now please?” I ask, “no, I will put you through to the money management department” she says. Once again I am on hold listening to two interchangeable equally moronic tunes…….. for eight minutes. Then I get Mark from the ‘I will tell you how crap you are with money’ dept, and he proceeds to tell me that I do spend a lot and how much goes in and how much goes out, and he is about 15 and I am squirming on the sofa! Then, a moment of clarity, actually, I think, we have been trying very hard to not go overdrawn, and if we have it has been by about £30 at the most….. and it doesnt help that the bank gave us an overdraft then took it away without telling us. I am very mad. ” Listen Mark” I say, “I think you’ll find……….” and said all the stuff that I’d just thought out, followed by ” I really don’t appreciate a lecture about how to manage MY money, what would be helpful is if you could put the debits and stuff back in place so that we don’t get people ringing us up for money, can you do that?”. ” No, sorry” says Mark, “I’ll have to put you back on hold and look into it with the chief money managing person”. Five more minutes of moronic melodies follows, then he’s back ” I’ve checked and we will reinstate all the orders and debits as the account is in good order and has basically been in good order all along and you’ve only gone a little bit overdrawn” (words to that effect), Heard that somewhere before I’m thinking….. oh yes, from me earlier on. “Don’t bother” I say, “we are going to close the account and will be removing the badly managed money and will figure out who needs paying etc ourselves. While I had been on hold, Richard had opened a new account elsewhere and ordered cards, and the whole caboodle! 

Gorgeous new coat!


I recently bought myself a new coat, which I love, but decided that it really needed something extra, so I made this brooch for the collar. I used a large Papermania blank brad and stuck the spare button from the coat onto it (Only just realised that I now have no spare button….. durrrrr!). Then I got some black lace from Ebay to match the lace that’s around the coat collar, sewed it into a ring, and glued it to the back of the brad. Then attached a brooch back using the brad spikes and a bit of glue so that it’s secure. I really like it and think that I’ll make some more similar ones. I have a stall at Eckington Playgroup Christmas Fayre on November 27th so I’m trying to make some bits and bobs to sell. My friend Doreen is sharing the table with me and she is selling some gorgeous bottles of essential oil and stuff that she has made. I will be plugging this a bit more nearer the time, so that’s your boredom warning in advance!!! 

London bag!


We are home, we had a really good time and did and saw lots of things. And here is my customised bag to prove it! I’ve put in receipts and tube tickets and a lovely autumn leaf that I picked up at the Tower, and all sorts of bits and pieces to remind me of the trip. It will stay intact until we go on another adventure……. so for a while probably! 

Customising Clippy


This is my ‘Clippy’ bag. I’ve wanted one for ages. It’s basically made up of 18 clear pockets so you can decorate it how you like. So, I was lying in bed last night wondering how I could ‘pimp’it (sad, I know) and came up with the idea of using it as a bit of a  souvenir bag for Richard and my big adventure in London this week. I am going to put Union jack flags in some of the pockets and red and blue paper in the others, then put in tickets and receipts and stuff from our trip. I’ll show you the ‘after’ shot at the end of the week. So I won’t be posting now until Friday, as we are going on a much needed break. We are planning to go to the Tower as I love history, and Richard wants to go to the Natural History museum as he loves that sort of thing. And we’re going to Covent garden and generally milling around. Hopefully we have booked into a nice hotel, it looks good on the website so fingers crossed. All the news on Friday folks!

Beautiful Sunday


I made these for my friend Doreen, they are gift vouchers that she inserts her treatment vouchers inside. I have used a selection of papers, mostly ‘My minds eye’ and Papermania ‘Birdsong’ with various embellishments, including Card Candy. I’ve also made a couple of Christmassy ones using a gorgeous pad by ‘My Minds Eye’, called ‘Be Merry’ by Zoe Pearn. The designs are so ‘me’ with candy coloured Christmas trees and snowmen and snowflakes. I think you will see these designs a lot more on my Christmas cards this year as I love them. We are have to have dinner with Doreen soon, and I am really looking forward to eating a roast that has been cooked for me, and obviously seeing Doreen and John, of course!!!  

It’s a stick-up!


Well, Oliver was AMAZING…… yes, it really does warrant capital letters! Stunning performances from the kids, just awesome. Trouble is Richard and I can’t stop singing the songs now! So we are one half a term through the school year, reasonably unscathed, we’ve been overwhelmingly busy at times but we are doing a good job and I know that the kids and parents appreciate it.

Back to the ‘makes’. Today I made this magnetic make-up board, an idea that I found on Pinterest. I had an old rustic looking frame, glass removed. I bought a magnetic notice board from the Range (£1.99) which was the right size. I covered it with this lovely pink and white spot fabric which matches my bedroom (sorry, our bedroom!) then popped it back into the frame. I had a bit of a make-up sort out earlier today, so on the back of all of my bits I attached a self-adheshive magnet. Some of them needed a couple to stay put, but the pack was only £1.50 for 12 so thats okay, plus you can peel them off to use again. Next job was to hang it on the wall. I think I may try and attach a pocket so that I can put my eyeliner pencils and brushes on there too. All very handy!