Monthly Archives: May 2013

Pam’s Boobies!


Here is my lovely friend, Pam and her daughter. They are about to set off on the Moonwalk, a midnight walk in London that raises money for the breast cancer charity. Oh, and all the ladies have to wear bra’s! When Pam said that she had to decorate a bra to wear on the walk I immediately offered to crochet her some rather special boobies, complete with tassels, for her ‘strut her stuff’ in. The pattern that I used is from a pro-breast feeding website, and is a baby hat. Mmmmmmm…. not sure I would want my baby to wear a boobie on his head, but hey ho, each to their own. Well done Pamela!
Pams boobs


Cloud’s Blanket……… in situ!


Here is a picture that make me feel proud and happy. It is the cot blanket that I made for customer Cloud (lovely name). As you can see it is adorning her daughter’s cot, miles away in Weymouth, Dorset. Hopefully the blanket-  that I fell in love with myself, will provide a little girl with hundreds of snuggly moments, and will continue to make any space that it is in look beautiful.Islas cot



I had such good news at the beginning of the week. The lovely Claire who owns Tewkesbury Sewing School asked me to become part of her little team. Thrilled is not the word. I will be helping at some of the existing workshops, helping to run the children’s half-term workshops, and then hopefully teaching my own at some point. I met Claire through my Stitch n’ Bitch group, which is running monthly and growing each time. I have made some great new friends through the group. I also took part in a needle felting workshop that Claire ran a few weeks ago. It was such a blissful way to spend a Saturday, we all had a lovely time, and I just love needle felting. Of course, what I really need is more time to do all of these wonderful crafts. Anyway, see the picture of my creations from that day, which are okay, but the other ladies made some gorgeous things. Total relaxation! needle TSS



Hi there all, I am out of hibernation and back in the land of the living! I have been very, very busy and stressed for the past few months, what with one thing and another (which I may or may not share, at some point), but things seem to be settling down a little now (fingers-crossed). As part of my ‘being good to myself’ plan, I have been trying out some new crafts, which I will definitely tell you all about over the next couple of weeks. I have also started to plan some fun social stuff with family and friends, all in the name of making life more fun. I have to say, it is working! I would recommend it. Speak soon guys 🙂 hello