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So, So True!



My Piece Of Sky


Remember yesterdays little puzzle? Well, here is the answer! How beautiful is this counted cross-stitch pattern. It is from Vera’s Originals on Etsy, and is called ‘my piece of sky’. Take a look at her other bits and bobs here. Vera has some real works of art as PDF patterns, which are just my sort of thing. I’m just not into ‘twee’, I prefer more abstract and colours. Anyway, Vera is really lovely to deal with and gets your purchases to you quickly. I have a feeling that this fabulous feline is going to be a good few months in the making! 

Reasonably Restrained Shopaholic!


Today I hit the shops of Cheltenham. It felt a bit of a waste of the lovely weather, being inside shops, but I’m not great at being out in the heat so it was okay. Now, I confess that I used to be a bit of a shopaholic. Nothing like Rebecca Bloomwood, the ultimate shopaholic from Sophie Kinsella’s novels (great books, by the way, played in the film by the lovely Isla Fisher). She was more a labels queen, I’m more your High Street type of spender. It was the first time I had been shopping without my favourite shopping buddy, my daughter Lisa, as she is many miles away in New Zealand it just wasn’t practical for her to join me!  Of course, I saw tons of mum/daughter duos, gulp! Ah well. On a lighter note I got a few lovely things: biscuity coloured linen trousers, new flesh coloured bra (not sexy but very practical), some navy and white cropped tapered trousers (LOVE these), a white wispy blouse, and a red and white striped slouchy sweat top. All wardrobe staples, I think, a good job done! Oh, I even got my man a new shirt, generous or what! 

What I’m Up To


Hello. Yay! it’s a very sunny Saturday here, and I can’t tell you how it has raised everyone’s mood. We get a bit giddy, don’t we, us Brits, when the sun shines. Fingers crossed for another few days at least. Here are some pics of Work In Progress, more on the sofa than in the Cupboard really. First, I have been colouring some images from Mo’s Digital Pencil. They came out pretty well……. considering that I was squeezed on the sofa with Pudding, my very large cat, who was reluctant to budge up for me and my stuff. I will get some cards made pretty soon using the images and of course, you will get to see them first! Next this is my cross-stitch. I know that Corky has hogged most of the photo, but he is very gorgeous after all. This ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ sampler isn’t too far from being completed, and I WAS going to finish it before I started my new project, but I couldn’t resist making a little start….. ‘can you tell what it is yet?’. Just kidding! I will explain tomorrow, and I think it is going to take me ages, but bearing in mind that I have the long summer holidays coming up (school workers, eh!) I intend to relax and get on with it then. Have a lovely evening all.

“I’m Too Old For This S***t!”


What. A. Day! I am really truly beginning to think that the title of this post is true. Today I had to deal with these two ‘ahem’ young ladies, who had been placed in schools version of ‘the slammer’. Always a bad (but fairly common) start when you’re greeted with “well, miss, I aint even done nuffin or nuffin like, I don’t know why I’m even in ‘ere or nuffin’. The conversation continued:

‘Vicky’: “oh miss I aint doin that form, can I do some colourin’

Me (patiently….. it’s still early after all!): “No, I have asked you to do the form please, everyone has to fill one in”

V: “oh god, miss, I don’t know what to write cos I didnt even do nuffin’……….. I ‘avent got a pen”

Me: “Right, so, you came to school without a pen? ooookkaaaaayyy………… use this one”

V: “It’s crap tho, can I do a poster or something? I ain’t doin any work tho, ‘specially for that uvver teacher, I’ate ‘er”

Me (still patient, as if talking to a little child now though!): “You’ll do what you’re asked to do in here. You need to be able to do as you are told, you are not in charge Vicky, I am. Now here’s a pen, fill in the form so that we know what happened, then I will find you some work to do or your class teacher will send some for you to do”

V: ” oh god alright then. But I’m not doin’ Science ‘cos I ‘ate her. Or Maths”

You get the picture? Okay. times that by two, multiply by six and half hours. A few hundred days a year. I love my job! 🙂 

Love Across The Ocean…….Ahhhhhhh!


A special order here, a wedding card for an Anglo/American couple. My friend Di’s niece is all set to marry Thomas in the States next month, and although she is not able to go and share their big day she wanted a personalised keepsake for the happy couple. I have used Docrafts Papermania as the basis, in Heather. Along with photo’s from the couples engagement party last year, bunting in both flags, and peel offs from Anita’s.  I hope that this card lives up to expectations as it took ages!