Customising Clippy


This is my ‘Clippy’ bag. I’ve wanted one for ages. It’s basically made up of 18 clear pockets so you can decorate it how you like. So, I was lying in bed last night wondering how I could ‘pimp’it (sad, I know) and came up with the idea of using it as a bit of a  souvenir bag for Richard and my big adventure in London this week. I am going to put Union jack flags in some of the pockets and red and blue paper in the others, then put in tickets and receipts and stuff from our trip. I’ll show you the ‘after’ shot at the end of the week. So I won’t be posting now until Friday, as we are going on a much needed break. We are planning to go to the Tower as I love history, and Richard wants to go to the Natural History museum as he loves that sort of thing. And we’re going to Covent garden and generally milling around. Hopefully we have booked into a nice hotel, it looks good on the website so fingers crossed. All the news on Friday folks!


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