Monthly Archives: September 2011

What a week!


Hi, sorry for the lack of posts this week, but I’ve been feeling pretty yuk. I have soldiered on at work (what a martyr!) but got home each evening and collapsed in a heap. I did actually make a card last night for someone at work….. as I had said that I would, and it turned out well and I enjoyed making it, once I’d made the effort. I didn’t get to yoga though- shame on me! I will make sure to post  and post and post this weekend, and bore you to death! Be warned!!


Purry Pud


Today Pudding kept me company in in the cupboard. She wasn’t too impressed because the nasty rain meant that instead of sitting on her favourite chair outside, we made her stay inside. We had to trick her into coming in as she was sat out in the downpour earlier, a quick shake of the Go-cat box sorted that- she can waddle pretty swiftly when food is involved! So, in she came, soaking wet. We shut the door. Five minutes later I felt eyes boring into the back of my head, I turned slowly and there she was sat by the door…… asking to be let back out. We wouldn’t comply (pretty dangerous with a cat) so eventually she made do with the lovely soft, dry, fleece covered sofa- we are soooooo cruel! Richard decided to try and win her over with a big neck scratch, and judging by the supersonic purring, it worked. Phew!

Busy, busy, and busier still


 Hello and happy weekend. Lovely weather today, I’ve been sat in the conservatory working away on this special card. It’s a 21st birthday card for a badminton playing/ flautist/ sunshine seeker girl, so I’ve tried to include all of these things (as requested) and I’m reasonably pleased with it. This is just a little bit of it as it opens out to reveal more lovliness inside! I hope my customer likes it, obviously that’s the main thing. I have so many projects on the go at the moment I think I should give up work to cope with it all (some hope!). I started another rainbow scarf last night, as well as crocheting a couple of squares for my blanket. I still have to finish my willow pattern tapestry cushion, and get on with the little kitty that I’ve started…….. bit of a setback there though, the little pink noses that I ordered finally came….. and they are too big. What a nelly I am, should have checked the measurements. Doh!

Paint the whole world with a……….


Rainbow!!!! Finished this scarf earlier. My friend Maureen came for tea (she’s the one that makes the clever A-line sewn cards that I mentioned before). I quickly finished off this scarf while we were nattering (good multi-tasking for a Thursday evening, I thought), then told her that she had to model it for me- that’s what friends are for. She loved it, it looks great on her, I gave to her as a gift…… ‘cos that’s how I am. The only condition was that she advertises the scarf, and gets me some orders! Fair trade I think. Anyway, I’m off to the sofa for my post-yoga sit down, and to start a new scarf. Bye for now.



Well guys, I have started a Pinterest site! Basically its a web page that you make into your own set of pinboards, so you can save all those interesting pictures,projects, ideas, anything really. So far I have three boards- debscrafts, debsplaces, and debscuties. I think its great and I can’t wait to find loads of great things to put on it, things I’d like to have a go at making sometime, gorgeous places that one day I’d like to go and see, funny and wise sayings, fashion ideas…… the pinterest boards are my oyster (eh!). Take a look and do one yourself. I’m off to play now!!!! 

Love it!


Someone else’s work today. These beautiful bracelets have been made by Penny, at TwoBlueCats. Such lovely jewellery, and I am going to order one of these for my daughter who I know will love it. It’s aptly called Winter Wonderland, and will have to be worn throughout the festive season, of course. Take a look at Penny’s Facebook page, it’s time to begin your ‘you-know-what’ shopping!!