Monthly Archives: August 2011

Gone fishing


This is another image from Lilli of the Valley (are you impressed with my little linking thing!?). I was trying out a folded easel card, I got the idea from my friend Trish who also makes cards (I taught her almost all she knows…… she’ll kill me if she reads this!). It works, but I’m worried that the person who receives it won’t know how to display it properly. Perhaps I could do some little diagrams to stick on the back. Anyway, I used some of my Birdsong papers from Papermania, as they are quite masculine, one of my K&Co adhesive borders and a couple of double mounted greetings to prop up the folded section of the card. Embellishments are a die-cut corner and some buttons.

 Fishing seems to be a ‘goes without saying’ hobby round here for lads, guess it would be with the River Avon, the Severn and the Swilgate all on the doorstep (and beyond, occasionally!).


Fluttering butterflies


Hello there, it’s sunny here in Tewkesbury (yes, showing up all the fingermarks on the windows, dust on the telly, cat hairs……. everywhere). Been sat in my cupboard creating, quieter than a really quiet place here now that the boys have gone back to their Mums, miss them. Anyway, this is the card that I put together today. I used two sheets of paper from a gorgeous pad, unfortunately the front cover has come off so I’m not sure what it is……. something like Annelise, maybe? I bought some ready cut Martha Stewart borders from Ebay as they were good value and used a couple, along with two butterflies that I cut out using my Martha Stewart punch. More gorgeous flowers and a butterfly charm from Wild Orchid Crafts, a best wishes peel off and some pearl and crystal adhesive gems and I like it! It’s a bit of a riot of colours, it would be a good scraps project, so I think I may remember the sketch (layout) and make another one soon.

Cute… I think!


I can’t make up my mind…….. are these very cute, or a bit naff? Or, perhaps both! You see, sometimes I find it difficult to distinguish between kitsch or just plain hideous. I seem to like things that others look at and think “why?” or “what’s that all about?”. Perhaps I’m a bit of an enigma……… or just have wierd taste. It’s a very fine line! I think that I like them, and may have a go at making one, we’ll see.

Pink, sparkles, and Forever Friends!


Oh yes, what a glorious combination! It even has pom-pom trim. I like to make cards for babies as keepsakes, as you can see, there is lots more girliness inside the card…….. quite a pink-fest. Backing paper by Pink Petticoat, Forever Friends stickers and letters by Papermania, big pink number 1 from a Funkyhand CD rom, think there may even be a tag from K&Co! Heaven!

Mod Podge……. the sequel!


Okay, well this is what I’ve come up with. Placed some mini diolies on the frame and coated them with Sparkly Mod Podge ( they have this in Hobbycraft now, for double the price that I got it for from Ebay…..YES!). I bought some little bronzie coloured butterfly charms from Wild Orchid so thought that might look alright, along with a seam binding bow. Now, I’ve made that sound very nonchalant, but in reality it took flipping ages and I may even have said some naughty words in the process! The tricky bit was using a pearl buckle embellishment to keep the bow together and to make it look good. And would you believe I’m not 100% happy with it. So I’ve sat it on my shelves and keep walking past it, and looking at it, and pulling a face. I just don’t know. I have another frame to do yet so I will have a think and try to come up with something better.

Poker who?


This is Plusle……. he is a Pokerman character. Dominic, my ‘kind-of’ stepson found a website devoted to crochet Pokerman patterns, I know, how mad is that!? So I made him this little guy and his partner Minun (or something?). They didnt take very long and Dominic loves them. They want a Riechu now, but its big and orange and complicated and I just can’t  be bothered- and I’m distracted by other stuff that is more pink and sparkly, to be quite honest!