Monthly Archives: August 2012

Mmmmmmm…. Chocolate…..


………and purple, very Cadburys! This is a flower garland that I am making for a customer. I must admit, I wasn’t sure about the colour scheme at first, but now I think it’s rather…… tasty! As usual I have quite a few things on the go at the moment. Then I saw some gorgeous yarns while sitting in Hobbycraft doing my thing at the weekend, and I couldn’t resist. No willpower, oh boy. Anyway, I will do a ‘show and tell’ on that project sometime soon, and it’s going to be sumptious!




Well, we have had another week of intense moments,  worry, and new experiences. Just ordinary life in our household in 2012, it seems. This week a judge finally decided on the fate of my sort-of stepsons, and the decision was that they live here with us. This is a huge relief as it is what they desperately want to do. So now we have to get them sorted out for new school- emotionally and physically. Fingers crossed that their childhood improves from this moment on, they so deserve to be happy.

On Thursday and yesterday I went and sat in Hobbycraft and crocheted for a few hours, such fun! Yes, I was officially working, and being an “Artisan” and inspiring people to become hookers, so to speak. But in reality, I felt a bit of a fraud, sitting there with my yarn and chatting. I met some lovely people and, lots of them asked for advice and seemed to like my work and said they would like to give it a go. So, mission accomplished, I reckon!

I have also shopped this weekend, nice shopping, for lovely things. Today I had a wander down the Promenade in Cheltenham, very posh, all ‘nice’ shops (expensive) and ‘polished’ people (rich). “This is the life” I thought, none of your High Street for me, from now on it’s the prom. That lasted until I had checked out a few price tags, and then harsh reality set in…… fast, and I slunk off to BHS, tail between my legs! I did visit the Cath Kidston store first though. My first time, mainly because I was worried about loving everything and being too poor to buy anything previously. It is very beautiful, and I bought myself a new bag for work. Well, new job, new bag, as the saying goes. What? Well, okay, MY saying goes! Have a good week everyone.

Snug Apples!


Today I made these ‘life changing’ items. “Life changing Deb…….how?” I hear you ask! “Yes” I reply, “with one of these handy little Apple-tectors (see what I did there?) you need never arrive at your destination with bruised and battered fruit again”!  All you have to do is to make one for yourself, or, better still, buy one from your favourite Crochet Artisan (me!). If you go for the former option just google ‘crochet apple cover’ and you get a few different versions come up, just take your pick. So, back to the ‘artisan’ thing, as you know (I have been going on about it a little, sorry guys), I am at Webbs tomorrow evening as their ‘ Crochet Artisan in Residence’. So I have been putting together some bits and bobs to take with me, and I am hoping that by the time it comes around I still actually enjoy crocheting and haven’t developed ‘crocheters thumb’ or something horrible! I have also started to make a roman blind today for my friend Rachel………. impressive huh? Mmmmmmm, I should wait until you see the finished results before you get too carried away on that. The fabric is gorgeous, and I so hope that I can do it justice. More on that as and when. 

Ta Daaaaaa!


At last It is done! I have spent today hooking the handles, then stitching in the lining ( a lovely denim coloured chambray with a vintage white rose pattern). I really like it, but I’m not sure if it is professional enough looking to sell to be honest. I will put it on show on Thursday at my demo evening and see what happens. What I do know is that there are hours of work in that there bag! I might start a new one soon in a riot of colours, as I really enjoy making the african flower hexagons, they are fairly easy but look really effective. Anyway, let me know what you think folks. 

Flowers On Friday


Well, to say that I have been hooking like a demon would be an understatement! My little fingers have been a blur as I produce prettiness to show and (hopefully) sell at next weeks craft event at Webbs. This little flower garland is to decorate my table, and is my own design, but the flowers are from a tutorial by Attic 24. I may make a few more in various colours as it was fairly quick to do and you never know, other people may like them too! I have also been getting on with more hairbands and baby headbands. I have some other ideas up my sleeve too. My card making will have to wait awhile. I did manage to squeeze in a Zumba class last night though, which I really enjoyed and didn’t feel too exhausted after, I just kept thinking of all those nasty calories being burnt to a frazzle and carried on!

Busy Hooking and New Experiences


As I am ‘on show’ next week, demonstrating at Hobbycraft, I thought that I had better get on with making some bits and pieces to make my table look lovely (and you never know, I may even have some sales!).  So I made a start with these pretty hairbands. I found them on Pinterest (of course), and they are from, which is a beautiful blog and shop, and also has some free patterns. Take a look at this site when you get a chance.

I have an exciting week ahead. Tomorrow is my first day in my new job,,,,,,,, can’t wait…. bit nervous too though. And this evening I am at my first ‘Tewkesbury Women in Business’ meeting, so I had best be off, can’t be late. Wish me luck!