It’s a stick-up!


Well, Oliver was AMAZING…… yes, it really does warrant capital letters! Stunning performances from the kids, just awesome. Trouble is Richard and I can’t stop singing the songs now! So we are one half a term through the school year, reasonably unscathed, we’ve been overwhelmingly busy at times but we are doing a good job and I know that the kids and parents appreciate it.

Back to the ‘makes’. Today I made this magnetic make-up board, an idea that I found on Pinterest. I had an old rustic looking frame, glass removed. I bought a magnetic notice board from the Range (£1.99) which was the right size. I covered it with this lovely pink and white spot fabric which matches my bedroom (sorry, our bedroom!) then popped it back into the frame. I had a bit of a make-up sort out earlier today, so on the back of all of my bits I attached a self-adheshive magnet. Some of them needed a couple to stay put, but the pack was only £1.50 for 12 so thats okay, plus you can peel them off to use again. Next job was to hang it on the wall. I think I may try and attach a pocket so that I can put my eyeliner pencils and brushes on there too. All very handy!


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