Monthly Archives: December 2012

It’s Over!


My  card drought, that is. Well, what kind of a daughter would I be if I didn’t  make my own mum  a birthday card? Bless her, 75 today. Before I could get started though I had to clear a path to my cupboard, the conservatory  resembled Steptoes yard (minus the skeleton, remember?). So, that done, here is my first card in at least two months! I have used some of my ‘Stampin’ Up kit- the background paper, the white paper  flowers and the  spotty brads. All gorgeous, I am sure you agree. I guess that I should be rallying some business and get out there, and sell. Any takers for a Stampin’ Up demo party? Form an orderly queue there! 🙂 mummums card


Starburst Granny


Remember this? Well, the customer liked it so much that she would like me to make her another one. This time bigger, and I can choose the colours! Which is why I haven’t started it yet, I cannot decide what to use as my main colour. I am thinking perhaps white, with lovely bright colours? Then I go to start and think, maybe a pale green? Or perhaps blue? New year resolution……. to be more decisive…… maybe!? Bright blanket

A Little Bit Of Bling……


……… And brightness, in this year of hassle and gloom. Yes, on Christmas day Richard gave me this little beauty of a ring, and we became engaged. Now we just have to do a bit of saving to afford a wedding. Nothing too fancy (Thelma Madine of ‘Gypsy Wedding’ fame will not be needing to check her diary!), but nice and special, like our relationship. bling

Tea For Two……….. A “Ta Daa”


Hello there! 21st December….. already, can you believe it? No, me neither. To be honest, I am looking forward to saying goodbye to 2012, and hoping like a mad for a better 2013. Just a bit better would be an improvement, I am not asking for much. Anyway, never mind that, what do you think of this uber-cool tea cosy? It is for my new friend and customer Lucy. Lucy loves her tea, loves it. So gave me the commission (and huge responsibility!) to make a very special cosy for her well-used pot. This was the result, after a false start or two. I tried a couple of patterns and eventually made up my own, customising it to fit as I went along, and adding a frill, and huge statement roses. I love it and may even buy myself a teapot and cosy it up in similar style 🙂 tea2tea

Cowls, Eye Candy, and Christmas Spirit!


I have had a very busy week! But then I expect you have too,  it is THAT time of the year, after all. Firstly I have been hooking away like a demon. I have had orders for several of The Frayed Knot’s lovely cowls. These are completed, and all except one has been passed on to the happy customers. I still just about have time to make a couple more if required, let me know ASAP. This week I treated myself to some much needed ‘me’ time too, as myself and some friends went to watch a Christmas cookery demo by The Cotswold Chef, Rob Rees. Look at his picture…… I haven’t a clue what he cooked, swoon! And today I have helped out at a Christmas party for our young carers. Such very, very special children. Santa was there (the real one!) and each child received a lovely well-deserved gift. I noticed that one girl hadn’t opened hers and asked her why. She said that she  could tell by the feel of it that it was a little notebook, and she wanted to save it for her mum. Truly humbling.
rob-reesrosy cowlssanta



Hello there. It is Friday, at last, and I have seriously neglected you all this week, and maybe last week too-sorry! Things are pottering along. Mum is still in hospital and I continue to trip over, spill drinks on her, poke her eyes with the arm of her specs. Poor mum!

On a crafty note, I have quite a good week. I have completed another ‘Perfect Cowl’ for a customer (the photo is of me, modelling said cowl). These crochet up so quickly, using a 6 mm hook and aran yarn, and the pattern (once you have figured it out) is so easy. I think I may begin another one this evening as people are asking for them. I also have another blanket order, AND I have been asked to make some tea cosies for a tea-aholic. Unfortunately I have only managed to make one Christmas card so far, so I seriously need to get my act together on that. But it is cold in the conservatory (where my cupboard is), and I can crochet on my lovely new sofa………. maybe I should rename this blog ‘Debsofa’. I do actually LOVE my new sofa. It is a big, soft jumbo cord corner sofa, and we can all snuggle on, cats included! Bliss 🙂Cowl 2