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Home Tweet Home


It has been a while, but here is the card that has ended my ‘card-drought’!  It is a ‘new home’ card, for someone who is a real ‘girly’ girl, which inspired me to use the pretty combination of aqua and pink as my colour scheme, along with the vintage bird cage theme. One of my last card-related buys was some Anita’s new home, birdie themed peel-offs, for no other reason than I liked them. Obviously I have some sort of Psychic thing going on as they were perfect for this. I have also given the inside of the card a makeover, as this is going to be signed by everyone in the office so I wanted it to be special. Unfortunately the light doesn’t show it off to it’s sparkly best, but hopefully it’s prettiness shines through. 


Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner…….Batman!


Well I never. A card on my blog! I haven’t made any cards for a little while, as I have been too busy with my happy hooking. But, I have received a card order this week, and I thought I would show you one I made (a few months) earlier. This is the card that I made for my stepson, Thomas. It was a super-quick to make too as I bought some Kanban decoupage sheets from Ebay at a very good price, when I see fun products for ‘man’ cards I snap them up as they are a bit rare. Although you can’t see it very well on the photo, I have raised the Batman character and logo with foam sticky pads so that they stand out a bit from the busy background, same with the white lettering and sparkly number 14.  Hope you like it, Thomas did 🙂

Oh and, hope you like the cartoon too!

Nearly, But Not Quite


This week has been significantly craft free, brought about by unforeseen circumstances- of which you are probably already aware. It is with some difficulty that I am even writing this, for a few reasons. The biggest reason is that Newton, our naughty kitten, is walking across the keyboard as I type. With the result that my post today appears in the welsh language, before I utter profanities and edit it severely. Couple that with the fact that the said keyboard has been drenched with Coca-cola, unintentionally of course, by stepson one, and the letters i, j, k, and the space bar are as sticky as, well, something very sticky indeed. Gggrrrrrrr.

Anyhow, struggling on for the sake of my art, here is a quick snap of the Subtle Pastel Baby Blanket that I started a little while ago now. It is almost complete, having been trimmed with the very lovely bobble-trim. It just needs the soft lemon fleece fabric stitched onto the back and it will be ready to go. I have a little man who is still cooking in mind to receive this, but will first pop it on my pages and see if anyone would like a similar one made. When I took this to Webbs it received quite a few complimentary comments, but the photograph is a little dull so I promise to put on a brighter one when it is all done. Got to dash, off to see my mum in hospital now, here’s hoping that she is on the mend.

Dear nurses……


My Mum fell and broke her hip on Saturday. She is 74 and her health isn’t great, and her bones are not as strong as they were. I have a lot of respect for the work that hospital staff do. ALL of them, from the cleaning staff to the nurses, the whole team do a fantastic job. But to be honest, I am a bit disgruntled at the way my mum is being dealt with. This is what I would like to say to the nurses that are caring for her.

This is my mum, Mary (on the right of the photo). You see her as another elderly lady who is confused, incontinent, and frail. When I was growing up, this lady made sure that I was always clean, tidy, immaculately turned out. I had matching ribbons for every outfit. The whitest socks in the school! And beautiful hand knitted jumpers and cardigans. She also taught me right from wrong, perfect manners, and to treat people as I would like to be treated. She was exceptionally hard working. We were not well off, but she and dad always worked and made sure that one of them was home to look after me. It must have been exhausting at times, especially when I had a life threatening kidney disorder and spent many months in Birmingham Children’s Hospital. I know that it cost a fortune going all that way to visit me every day. But that is what she did, usually with a small treat to cheer me up. Our house was so clean and neat.She was always very house proud, infuriatingly so at times, but that was how it was. If she had known that in her later years she would become confused, forgetful, and not be able to control her bladder she would have said “Shoot me if I ever get like that!”. She doesn’t choose to be that way, but that is what has happened, and it is rather heartbreaking, really. So, before you tut at her impatiently because you have to change her bedding yet again. Or tell her to press for help if she needs the loo (if only she could). Or have conversations about other staff on your shift over her head while you are sorting her out- rather roughly at times, I feel. Please can you remember that once she was young and beautiful and vibrant. Someone who loved to wear the latest fashions, and dance every weekend, and sing along to Jim Reeves or Slim Whitman, and work as hard as she could to make her family happy. To me, she is still beautiful, and she’s my mum, and one day this may be your mum, and perhaps even you.

New Additions


Here are our two latest ‘acquisitions’. One was planned and much desired, by me. The other one was a surprise, and not really desired but now it’s here….. is loved, in an exasperated kind of way! I’m sure that you can guess which is which! So, the car, a little bit ‘mid-life’ crisis, do we think? Mmmm well, I like it, a lot. I like the ‘go-faster’ stripes (they really DO work!) and the ultra comfy seats, and the wheels…….. everything really. I took this picture when I took it for a test drive. I have ‘girled’ it up a bit since. I have popped my smiley pink flower in, I have placed a Pink Sands Yankee car fresher in, and it smells gorgeous, and I have decorated the top of the dashboard with my crochet pink flower garland. This car WILL be in touch with its feminine side!

The kitty. Well Rich, being a sucker, oh sorry, I mean a warm, compassionate, man, fell in love with this little scrap whilst on duty. It had been abandoned at the Dogs home (!) and was in a bit of a state. The staff there had tried to find him a place at local facilities for cats but they are overwhelmed at the moment. So he was popped into a box and came home with Rich on the New Street to Cheltenham train!  We now have five cats. Not so much a home as a cat rescue centre. He is, however, a real sweetie and very clever, living up to his name, which is Newton, as in Isaac. Ahhhhhhhh! 

The ‘C’ word


The shops have not-so-subtly informed us that they think we should shop early, be prepared, spread out the cost, etc. They are all heart, shops, so thoughtful! Anyway, I spotted this on  ‘The Adventures of the Gingerbread Lady‘ site, which I came across while wasting time, er….I mean researching, on Pinterest, ahem. There is even a free pattern for the little socks. I might have a little go at this, but I would ‘Deb’ it up a bit: I would use prettier coloured yarn, sparkly numbers, and hang the socks on a lovely ribbon- sort of like a Chr…, ooops, seasonal (!) washing line. So, whaddaya think? On fetching the address for the link, I notice that she posted this in July!! Goodness, so organised! Mind you, I think it is an American site. Which makes sense, as if you have ever visited the states you will know that for them Christmas (there, I’ve said it!) isn’t just for Christmas, but for all year. And I kind of like that, in a way 🙂