What’s New?


I am VERY pleased that February has arrived, with a flurry of new friendships, fun and a little bit of sunshine. Last week was good for a few reasons.

On Monday I held my third Stitch n’ Bitch, and it was a case of quality over quantity really, as only two ladies came, but we all got on so well and it lifted my spirits no end. Thank you Phillippa and Gina. Work went well this week too. I feel that I am getting a grip on the whole thing now. I settled in straight away as the people there are so lovely, but the role felt overwhelming (big expectations+ a short amount of time= gulp!). With the help of my wonderful (and very wise) line-manager I now have some structure, order, and a little less work, phew!

On Friday I was invited to join a group of ladies to celebrate a birthday at a local Indian restaurant. I was a little unsure as I only knew one of them, but figured “what the hell”. The result was more fun, lots of laughter (sorry, other diners!) and more friends. Hoorah!

I have asked about our wedding plans a couple of times this week. Aaarrrrggghh, I confess, none have been made, and we are intending to marry in the autumn!  Obviously, the most important arrangements are clothes and a hen-do, right? ‘Of course’ I hear you reply. So when I saw this article in this months copy of Simply Homemade I thought it might work. From what I can gather, Bristol seems to be fast becoming the craft capital of the South West. It is about an hour from here (need to move!), and I think that this knicker making party (for the hen-do, I mean, not for me to wear on the day!) sounds like fun. They do lots of other things at Flo-Jo’s Boutique too. One of the conversations that we had on Monday evening was about setting up our own little craft co-operative type group where we shared skills, and I would love to have something like Flo-Jo’s in Tewkesbury. We already have The Paint Pot that does pottery painting and arty type things- which is great, and The Button Draw for haberdashery and woolly type activities. But I think there is room for something else too. Mmmmmm……. thinking-caps on!flo-jo


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