Jibbering Jellyfish!


Kirstie Alsop has a lot to answer for. Mostly in a good way, I think. My friend Lucy, she of  the tea-cosy commission, watched the episode of ‘Kirstie’s Vintage Home’ where she learnt how to crochet a jellyfish, along with a few other ‘yummy mummies’ (probably on an afternoon while the nanny had the toddlers, just before collecting from school in their Espace 4×4’s, wearing Boden, Mulberry handbags with little boxes of raisins in…….. etc, etc. Sorry, that’s all by the by! Now, Lucy was TERRIBLY excited by the thought of having some crochet jellyfish, because she is that type of girl. So I said that I would make her some, because I am that type of girl! The link on Kirstie’s Scrapbook website led to a rather exclusive designers page (she was the lady on the programme teaching the Yummies. Turns out that crocheting Jellyfish was just a little ‘getting on TV’ sideline for her super-expensive craft emporium, would you believe!). No matter, good old Google to the rescue, where I found this pattern. I wanted a gorgeous thick yarn in amazing colours, which I found on Ebay at a bargain price of £1.59 per ball (enough for one jellyfish). Using a thick hook, and by making the body circle a little larger, I came up with this. I found some textured yarn in my cupboard to make some of the tendrils, and ‘viola’, Bob is your uncle! I have six more to make for Lucy’s required rainbow of jellyfish, after which you will get a very colourful ‘Ta-da’ show and tell. I bet you can’t wait! 🙂 jellyfish


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