All White?


Not a speech impediment, just a fact, as looking out of my window everything is covered with snow and is, indeed, all white. My garden has never looked better! It has been a strange kind of week. Take this weekend, for instance. I was supposed to be in the Forest Of Dean with several of my young people. I have spent all week stewing and sweating over the tons of paperwork involved in taking a group away for one night. I haven’t been in this job for a long as many of you know, so all of this is new to me. I can’t help thinking that it is no coincidence the rain forests have reduced in size significantly since our paranoia over risk assessments has heightened! Masses of forms, thinking of every possible unfortunate scenario that could occur over the space of thirty six hours. Then submitting it to my manager, who corrected it, and handed it back for me to amend. At least she used a black biro, not red! Even when I amended it, we thought of more, which I added by hand (good old-fashioned writing!). Oh boy. Then…….. the snow fell, and it was all cancelled! So, instead of trudging around the forest, team-building and what-not, I have spent the time making some inroads into my orders. The picture shows some of my current WIP’s. Two Granny Sunburst blankets (I LOVE the blue one, not sure how I am going to cope with posting that off), fingerless mitts, and in the bag a heart garland. Trouble is my poor hands ache after hours and hours of hooking, but I don’t want to stop! WIP Jan


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