Cowls, Eye Candy, and Christmas Spirit!


I have had a very busy week! But then I expect you have too,  it is THAT time of the year, after all. Firstly I have been hooking away like a demon. I have had orders for several of The Frayed Knot’s lovely cowls. These are completed, and all except one has been passed on to the happy customers. I still just about have time to make a couple more if required, let me know ASAP. This week I treated myself to some much needed ‘me’ time too, as myself and some friends went to watch a Christmas cookery demo by The Cotswold Chef, Rob Rees. Look at his picture…… I haven’t a clue what he cooked, swoon! And today I have helped out at a Christmas party for our young carers. Such very, very special children. Santa was there (the real one!) and each child received a lovely well-deserved gift. I noticed that one girl hadn’t opened hers and asked her why. She said that she  could tell by the feel of it that it was a little notebook, and she wanted to save it for her mum. Truly humbling.
rob-reesrosy cowlssanta


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