Fifty Shades Of Cowl!


It has been rather a fraught busy week again here, what with one thing and another. But hey ho, onwards and…….. onwards! I have bought this really pretty cowl pattern this week, online from ‘Frayed Knot’. Yet another fabulous website full of inspiration. I originally saw it on Pinterest, then someone who follows me on the site asked  how much I would charge for making one. I liked the pattern so thought that I would buy it and try it, in the name of research, of course…..ahem! So I chose this lovely soft grey (it is flecked with several shades, maybe even 50!) and this rich red which has a soft sheen to it, for the flower. I have made a start and the pattern is fairly easy so far, so we’ll see how it goes. Whilst I was buying the wool I got chatting to the lady who was demo-ing there. Turns out that she is a Tewkesbury lady, and is a member of Tewkesbury Women In Business, as am I! Amazing how we haven’t met before. Anyway, long story short, she suggested that I talk to a member of staff in the shop, and I am now going to be demo-ing there in a few weeks time, and maybe doing some workshops. How pleased am I ? (Answer: Very!). 


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