Little Miss Clumsy


Hello there. Well, another week almost done. A week of work (yay!), tidying up after boys (big and small!) and hospital visiting. Yes, my mum is still recovering in hospital (or lazing around being waited on, as I like to call it!). You know, I sometimes used to think that I would have liked to be a nurse. But as I potter around mum at the hospital I seem to transform…….. into a clod-hopping, fairy elephant! Poor mum, I try really hard to do nice things for her when I visit. Plump her pillows, pop a fluffy pair of socks on her cold tootsies, help her with her drink. Instead I catch her hair as I lift her head, trip over her bed tray and knock her magazines flying, pour coffee or squash down her face and front. I think it is some kind of peri-menopausal dyspraxia that becomes worse in medical environments (google it!). Mum, bless her, hasn’t complained about my over-enthusiastic clumsy care………. yet, But when she does, I will KNOW that she is feeling better!


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