Nearly, But Not Quite


This week has been significantly craft free, brought about by unforeseen circumstances- of which you are probably already aware. It is with some difficulty that I am even writing this, for a few reasons. The biggest reason is that Newton, our naughty kitten, is walking across the keyboard as I type. With the result that my post today appears in the welsh language, before I utter profanities and edit it severely. Couple that with the fact that the said keyboard has been drenched with Coca-cola, unintentionally of course, by stepson one, and the letters i, j, k, and the space bar are as sticky as, well, something very sticky indeed. Gggrrrrrrr.

Anyhow, struggling on for the sake of my art, here is a quick snap of the Subtle Pastel Baby Blanket that I started a little while ago now. It is almost complete, having been trimmed with the very lovely bobble-trim. It just needs the soft lemon fleece fabric stitched onto the back and it will be ready to go. I have a little man who is still cooking in mind to receive this, but will first pop it on my pages and see if anyone would like a similar one made. When I took this to Webbs it received quite a few complimentary comments, but the photograph is a little dull so I promise to put on a brighter one when it is all done. Got to dash, off to see my mum in hospital now, here’s hoping that she is on the mend.


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