New Additions


Here are our two latest ‘acquisitions’. One was planned and much desired, by me. The other one was a surprise, and not really desired but now it’s here….. is loved, in an exasperated kind of way! I’m sure that you can guess which is which! So, the car, a little bit ‘mid-life’ crisis, do we think? Mmmm well, I like it, a lot. I like the ‘go-faster’ stripes (they really DO work!) and the ultra comfy seats, and the wheels…….. everything really. I took this picture when I took it for a test drive. I have ‘girled’ it up a bit since. I have popped my smiley pink flower in, I have placed a Pink Sands Yankee car fresher in, and it smells gorgeous, and I have decorated the top of the dashboard with my crochet pink flower garland. This car WILL be in touch with its feminine side!

The kitty. Well Rich, being a sucker, oh sorry, I mean a warm, compassionate, man, fell in love with this little scrap whilst on duty. It had been abandoned at the Dogs home (!) and was in a bit of a state. The staff there had tried to find him a place at local facilities for cats but they are overwhelmed at the moment. So he was popped into a box and came home with Rich on the New Street to Cheltenham train!  We now have five cats. Not so much a home as a cat rescue centre. He is, however, a real sweetie and very clever, living up to his name, which is Newton, as in Isaac. Ahhhhhhhh! 


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