The ‘C’ word


The shops have not-so-subtly informed us that they think we should shop early, be prepared, spread out the cost, etc. They are all heart, shops, so thoughtful! Anyway, I spotted this on  ‘The Adventures of the Gingerbread Lady‘ site, which I came across while wasting time, er….I mean researching, on Pinterest, ahem. There is even a free pattern for the little socks. I might have a little go at this, but I would ‘Deb’ it up a bit: I would use prettier coloured yarn, sparkly numbers, and hang the socks on a lovely ribbon- sort of like a Chr…, ooops, seasonal (!) washing line. So, whaddaya think? On fetching the address for the link, I notice that she posted this in July!! Goodness, so organised! Mind you, I think it is an American site. Which makes sense, as if you have ever visited the states you will know that for them Christmas (there, I’ve said it!) isn’t just for Christmas, but for all year. And I kind of like that, in a way 🙂


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