Happy Hearts


Well folks, here is the ‘Ta Da’ piccy of the heart bunting. I like it a lot, but I have now passed it on to its new home. I have given it to my friend at work, as she very kindly passed on a beautiful victorian pressed glass cake stand for me to display my lovely knitted cakes on. Now, I only know that it is vintage victorian glass because my friend, Andrea, actually has a business where she specialises in buying and selling this type of glass. The one she passed on had unfortunately broken and been stuck back together so there was very little chance of selling it to a discerning buyer……. which is why she passed it on to me! Well, what she actually said was that she couldn’t bear to just throw it away and she has so much of the stuff at home that she just wanted to find a good home for it…..ahhhh! Andrea is lovely, so I like the second version of the tale best. Anyway, to say thank you I made this and passed it on, and she loved it, so that has a good home too! Ahhhhh, happy endings! 


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