Forever Autumn


All the signs show that autumn is imminent. Today the weather has been utter pants! Big rain, wind, and more to come apparently. But I have to admit that it is my favourite time of the year.  September has a feel of new beginnings, comfy tops, leggings and boots, not to mention the gorgeous colours of the leaves, and snuggling up inside with my crafts or a good book. Talking of Autumn, Gary (gorgeous!) Barlow has brought out a cover of Forever Autumn, that song that Justin Hayward did quite a few years ago now, and it’s just lovely. Take a listen, it will be on my playlist……. just as soon as I find my ipod. Grrrrrr!  Anyway, my picture today shows what I am busy with right now. I am  working on this lovely bright blanket for a lady to keep herself toasty when she is in out in her wheelchair. I am planning to put bobble trim around the edge– there is no way she’s going to be invisible, it should look great. I am also making some pot-holders for my best customer, Mandy from the Isle of Wight, and researching some fun designs for those. I might have to make myself some too, as I rather like them.


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