Pokey Dots? Or Really Pokey Dots?


Okay, so this is the blanket that I am making. I downloaded the (free) pattern from Ravelry, got the yarn, and off I go. First off, the pattern has a massive typo so it took me quite a while to decipher that. I think the lady pictured lounging on the completed blanket is smiling mischievously  (manically!) as she KNOWS that there is a secret ‘mistake’. She also needs her roots doing, poor love!   Then when I HAD figured it all out I was horrified at how small the square turned out. I have put it next to my usual blanket square so that you can see the difference. So now I don’t know whether to stick to my old favourite squares (can make them blindfold, bigger so will be completed faster) or carry on in the smaller ones (Quite a pretty pattern and very neat). Decisions, decisions. 


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