Roses Grow On you!


Only people of a certain age will get that old advertising reference I think!

To be honest, it has been a funny sort of day. It started by my door handle falling off on the way out to do the school run. This meant that I was locked out. Terrific. After staring at the door for a while in the hope that it would all ‘rewind’ and not fall apart, I had to come up with a plan. Cue Emma, my lovely neighbour. I had left the back door unlocked so if I could get over the fence I could at least get into the house. So Emma and I dragged a table across her garden, but this wasn’t high enough (short legs, you see!), so we put a chair on the top. I was halfway over the fence when I had a thought. “I’ve got my new White Stuff jeans on, and I’m clambering fences Emma”. “I know” said Emma “are they in store now because I want some, they are lush?”. “Yes, I got them a few weeks ago” said I, “it’s the spots” said Emma, “I love spotted things”, “me too” I say. All this while I am perched precariously on top of the fence! We had quite a chat, actually! Women, got to love us!

Anyhow, back to the crafts, this is my latest ‘Ta daaa’.  The pattern was just for the plain scarf, then I made the roses one evening while watching rubbish on the TV, and liked them a lot, and they look so good when I placed them on top of the scarf. So I made an extra section to attach across the scarf (a bit like a bridge) which I stitched the roses to, and the other bit of the scarf slips through it and keeps it together. I think it works, and may do some more in other colours for the (fast approaching) cold weather.


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