Just For Me!


Hello readers. When I was doing my ‘artisan thing’ in Hobbycraft recently my eye was caught by a gorgeous delicate pinky coloured yarn, which I just HAD to buy . It is a Patons yarn, Smoothie DK. Because I loved the colour so much, I decided that I would crochet myself a lovely scarf with it. I came across this pattern on Ravelry, and it is FREE, so I decided it was just the thing for my new pink Smoothie yarn. I chose the two shades of bluey green that I think look sumptious with the pink (although I will go easy with the dark one, I think), and I actually started it last night. As you can see, I did the triangle bit, which was far easier than it looks. I think that it is going to become a favourite pattern. It has been a while since I made something for myself, and I have bits and bobs on order from customers (real ones…. get me!) that I do need to get on with, but a girl needs some ‘Me Time’! 


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