Buzz Buzz


Busy. Such a small word for everything that has been going on here! We have been madly trying to buy secondary school uniforms for two boys. Everything. It is almost all bought. Now we have trousers to turn up, names to iron in, badges to sew on, shirts to iron. Oh. Boy. And of course, every day life continues. New job to get my head around, housework, not to mention finding time for craftiness. Today I have set to work completing an order for several cards (see the photo). I haven’t made any cards for a few weeks now so that was fun. I thought I may have lost IT, but all’s okay on the card making mojo front!  My favourite is the red, white and blue one at the front, but I’m quite pleased with them all. I have two more to make tomorrow. I hope I have a happy customer. I have also just finished the little chocolate and purple flower garland. Tell you what, I am such a busy bee! I have even found time to eat out with the family and sort out laundry. It can’t last! 🙂 


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