Well, we have had another week of intense moments,  worry, and new experiences. Just ordinary life in our household in 2012, it seems. This week a judge finally decided on the fate of my sort-of stepsons, and the decision was that they live here with us. This is a huge relief as it is what they desperately want to do. So now we have to get them sorted out for new school- emotionally and physically. Fingers crossed that their childhood improves from this moment on, they so deserve to be happy.

On Thursday and yesterday I went and sat in Hobbycraft and crocheted for a few hours, such fun! Yes, I was officially working, and being an “Artisan” and inspiring people to become hookers, so to speak. But in reality, I felt a bit of a fraud, sitting there with my yarn and chatting. I met some lovely people and, lots of them asked for advice and seemed to like my work and said they would like to give it a go. So, mission accomplished, I reckon!

I have also shopped this weekend, nice shopping, for lovely things. Today I had a wander down the Promenade in Cheltenham, very posh, all ‘nice’ shops (expensive) and ‘polished’ people (rich). “This is the life” I thought, none of your High Street for me, from now on it’s the prom. That lasted until I had checked out a few price tags, and then harsh reality set in…… fast, and I slunk off to BHS, tail between my legs! I did visit the Cath Kidston store first though. My first time, mainly because I was worried about loving everything and being too poor to buy anything previously. It is very beautiful, and I bought myself a new bag for work. Well, new job, new bag, as the saying goes. What? Well, okay, MY saying goes! Have a good week everyone.


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