Snug Apples!


Today I made these ‘life changing’ items. “Life changing Deb…….how?” I hear you ask! “Yes” I reply, “with one of these handy little Apple-tectors (see what I did there?) you need never arrive at your destination with bruised and battered fruit again”!  All you have to do is to make one for yourself, or, better still, buy one from your favourite Crochet Artisan (me!). If you go for the former option just google ‘crochet apple cover’ and you get a few different versions come up, just take your pick. So, back to the ‘artisan’ thing, as you know (I have been going on about it a little, sorry guys), I am at Webbs tomorrow evening as their ‘ Crochet Artisan in Residence’. So I have been putting together some bits and bobs to take with me, and I am hoping that by the time it comes around I still actually enjoy crocheting and haven’t developed ‘crocheters thumb’ or something horrible! I have also started to make a roman blind today for my friend Rachel………. impressive huh? Mmmmmmm, I should wait until you see the finished results before you get too carried away on that. The fabric is gorgeous, and I so hope that I can do it justice. More on that as and when. 


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