WIP…… Oh Dear!


Hello, I’m back! We had a lovely holiday in Devon, I have a tan to prove it (and a mountain of washing….groan) and now it is time to get all of my plans moving-excitng or what? More on that next time I think!

Meanwhile, while wasting time on Facebook this morning I read Inner Hookers post saying that she had four ‘Works In Progress’ (WIP) at the moment. “Blimey” I thought, followed by “errrrr…. come to think of it, how many do I have?”. The answer is five, and here they are. The ripple pattern bag is coming on well, I have almost finished one side and I love the yarn. The ‘Love Makes The World Go Around’ blackwork project- that is going to take a while. The blue circles are a scarf that I am experimenting with. The pastel baby blanket is about half finished I’d say. Last but not least the Jubilee Hexagon Bag (yes, I have decided to carry on with the bag pattern rather than do an afghan throw). I have felt shamed into continuing with it this morning. I have around half a dozen more hexagons to do before I begin the tricky task of making it up. There is no doubt that I have to get on and finish some of these……. sometime soon! 


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