New Stash….and New Life


Hello there! Well, the summer holiday has arrived and the sun is shining, which is just amazing really. Yesterday Richard made the mistake of parking very close to The Button Draw, a fabulous little gorgeousness shop in Tewkesbury. So I popped in and was tempted by oh so many things, as you can imagine, and Jenny, the owner is so nice you just want to buy things from her! I loved all of the colours in the DMC Natural Just Cotton range that Jenny stocks, especially this gorgeous Coral and a beautiful pale blue called Blue Paradise. Then I spotted this pattern for a Slouch Bag, LOVE! The blue on the pattern is Jade but I preferred my choice and I got a lovely Ivory for contrast. Bit cross,  as I forgot to get a 3mm hook so I can’t start it just yet as the cotton yarn is too fine for my favourite 4mm hook. This will be my holiday project, as we are off to Devon next week and I will give this a go then, can’t wait!

“What is the ‘New Life’ bit all about then?” I hear you ask. I am now in a position to reveal all- in terms of job etc I mean…… phew! I have got a fantastic new role with Gloucestershire Young Carers! I am thrilled to have been chosen by them as I worked closely with Young Carers in my old job and find them to be an inspiring group of young people. Unfortunately the job is part-time, so I will need to supplement my hours and I intend to try and get some sort of crafting projects going. I am already in contact with people about craft workshops locally, so watch this space on that. Exciting times ahead! 


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