Hello there! Another fun-packed week, more of a ‘merry-go-round’ type of week than a roller coaster ride (thank goodness, at least you don’t need safety belts on a merry-go-round!). I have been very full-on with the job hunting this week. I have applied for five jobs so am sick of writing about myself and thinking of new ways to write ‘I”: as in “I have…. blah blah” and “I am…. blah blah” or even “I feel….”. Yawn…..tedious.  I went to visit a couple of the places that I have applied to- both schools, both seemed like great places to work. Then I had an interview, yesterday, and only went and got a job! Take that ‘unlucky’ Friday 13th, and take that nasty people-who-shall-not-be-named who gave me so much stress six weeks ago! It gave me quite a boost, as I lost a lot of confidence. Not only that, but I have  been shortlisted for the other jobs too! I am overwhelmed with the amount of support that I have had from people, and feel very loved. So, I’m smiling again! Also, we are moving a little further along with sorting out the boys living arrangements and at last they have had a chance to talk about how THEY feel to someone from the court. It’s a start.

On with the craft then guys. Now, remember this little bag? Well, I started sewing the Jubilee themed hex’s together this week and I think they look great. But I’m not sure whether to go with the original  bag idea, or carry on hooking the hex’s and go for an afghan blanket. What do you think? Let me know, as I am poised with the needle here waiting!


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