Teddy Bea


Hello there! Well what (another) strange week that was. Feels like I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster, then the log flume straight after! Phew! Ah well, back on the up again now, mostly anyway. Now, I haven’t really felt like being creative this week- very unusual for me, shows how out of sorts I’ve been I guess. However, last night I thought that I would sit at my Cupboard and see if I could muster some mojo, and this card was the result. I coloured in this image ages ago, but although she’s lovely, she’s a bit bigger than I usually like to use. Also, my colouring has improved since I did this! Nevertheless, I thought she had spent long enough loitering with all my paper and it was time for her to be seen! She is called Teddy Bea and she is from Teddy Bo & Co. Teddy Bo is the boy teddy that is featured. I have used a Teddy Bea before here. Considering the old crafty juices weren’t exactly flowing (more of a trickle, really) I quite like this card. I have used papers from Pink Petticoat, which always look gorgeous, a doily and a greeting from Docraft, and a little button. It’s a start.

I also treated myself today. Well, I was in Next (refurbished, all very sparkly!) getting a little something for my friends birthday and I thought “you know, it would be rude not to get something for me, as they’ve made so much effort with the place” so I got this top. Sorry, can’t seem to get the pic any bigger, but it’s rather nice isn’t it? Of course it won’t look the same with a big cardi or a kagoul over it, but with the weather we’re having, that’s the look i’ll probably have to work!


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