Fun Times and Lasers


This is the little card that I made very quickly for Georges birthday today. More use of the bargain dinosaur stickers, as you can see. I also finished my  ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ cross-stitch piece, which ended up being a picture rather than a cushion. I will reveal this tomorrow. It has been a funny day, mainly because of plans going awry…. as they do sometimes. You see, we were going to an anniversary ‘do’, a sort of an afternoon drop-in, which is what the cross stitch picture was a gift for. The boys had also been invited to Georges laserquest party. No problem, it was arranged that we would drop the boys off then get on our way to the other do. For reasons that I won’t go into (gggrrrrrrr!), we ended up taking the boys to laserquest, and staying there for the afternoon. Now, I wasn’t too impressed by this turn of events, but it was important that the boys had a fun, stress-free afternoon and they love all that mad-running-around-in-the-dark-shooting-stuff, so it was a case of getting on with it. We met up with our lovely friends Jo and Ian, and their son- birthday boy George, and several noisy, excited boys (and two girls- the lovely Natalie and Katie) in an old warehouse somewhere in deepest Stourbridge. And, we had a really fun time, really! Especially the men, who just had to join in!  I met a new friend (hello Lorraine!), and we all had a real giggle. Most importantly, all the kids had a great time. Funny how things turn out isn’t it. 


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