Seventies Stuff- Friday Nostalgia


Yes folks, bit of a trip down Memory lane today. I’m going back to the 70’s and these pics just about sum up those days, for better or (probably, more likely) worse! So we have the TV programme that we all had to get home for after school on a Friday- Happy Days, and can someone explain WHY exactly we thought that’The Fonz’ was gorgeous? I mean, looking back, the guy was about 40 then! I loved Holly Hobbie, and she has made a bit of a comeback recently, what with all things ‘shabby chic’ being so ‘in’. John Travolta, in the film that all my friends were sneaking into the cinema to see….. but as I only looked 10 years old when I was 15 it was never going to work for me….. boo hoo! The Sweet- Blockbuster, Ballroom Blitz…… ahhh they don’t make them like that anymore, so some things have improved! Jubbly ices, when we had summers, these were amazing. So, they lost their flavour after about a minute but hey! Sweet peanuts, we used to sneak out of school without a chit (that was a pass, in case you were wondering!) at lunchtime to this amazing sweetshop (Georges, I think?) and buy gorgeously tooth rotting sweets. These were my faves!  And especially for my BF Suzanne …… B A Y, B A Y, B A Y C I T Y, with a R O double L E R S, Bay City Rollers are the best! Last, but not least, Topcat…….. ’nuff said!


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