Oh excuse me! That’s a tired yawn, not a bored yawn. I was up rather late last night earning some cash……… oh hang on, that sounds bad!  What I meant was that I was doing job no.2- babysitting. Phew, glad we cleared that up quickly!  Anyway, yes, quite a late one and an early morning call from a furry beast (no, not my man, Corky the cat!) and I am feeling rather sleepy all in all.  Today is also feeling a little hard in terms of the old grumpy mood, which means I have been working extra-hard at getting through it. So I turned my attention to getting creative as it is a rather special little boy’s birthday on Monday, and this megasaurus card is the result. I bought a big packet of dinosaur stickers from the local pound shop ages ago, and just haven’t got around to using them until now. The big stickers on this card are lovely 3D chipboard ones, so they add a bit of texture. The other papers are scraps. Lettering and greeting sentiment are Papermania and Anitas- care of The Range. I am really pleased with this card, it has made me smile. Lets hope that Marcus likes it too! 🙂 


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