Today’s Prettiness


Once again the weather is undercover, disguised as Autumn today. The heating is on, the slippers are on, hardly mood enhancing really, is it. But hey, this card is bright and pretty…. the perfect antidote to grey gloom. For goodness sake, it even features cake (getting all poetic now!). This card is made from a nifty little kit designed by Lucy Cromwell for Docrafts Papermania. It is called ‘Tall Foldies Card Kit’ and is beautiful, and easy too. The story of this is: I was in Hobbycrafts, having a little mooch, buying some thread for a cross stitch pattern (more on that another time), and was just about to leave the shop when I was distracted by the cards on show made by an instore demonstrator. Especially this card. It had everything- sorbet colours, cake, sparkle, I was mesmerised. Before I knew it, I was heading towards the aisle, picking up the kit and on my way to the till. In a trance.  They are good, these demo people, hypnotised me she did. No, Richard didn’t believe me either! The kit is £4.50 and you get four cards, already printed with two different designs and four decoupage sheets. To get maximum value from the decoupage sheets I just usually put one layer on, then you have lots of bits and bobs to use on other projects. Also, it’s a bit easier for posting. I am VERY pleased with it, I can tell you!


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