On With The Show


I am having a strange kind of half-term (read life!). Instead of being the ‘lets do a few jobs in-between doing bugger all’ time that I envisaged, it has turned into a ‘lets fight the blues and rethink my life’ type of time. So, I have had a few tears, a lot of angry feelings, and I am at the ‘lets do something about this whole pile of poo’ stage! I have   been filling in application forms, which I hate doing as it takes sooooo long and is sooooo important to get right. Needless to say I have saved EVERYTHING I have written about me in the hope that I can regurgitate in on the next form, and the next, for that matter. I tell you what though, I sound good, I would definitely  employ me!

Now, in an ideal world I would like to get some sort of arty/crafty business together. I have been thinking about this for so long now. I am the queen of procrastination, a delay diva, a put-it-off princess. You get the idea. But no more, I have bought a book! One step at a time and all that! This book comes highly recommended (and not just by the author either) and I have read some today, and in the first chapter one of the subheadings is ‘Stop The Procrastination’! I mean, this Alison McNicol woman, it’s like she knows me or something! What I have read so far has been very thought provoking and makes sense and is looking like it may get me started on something. So watch this space!


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