Yesterday’s Therapy!


Hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying the Jubilee weekend. As you know the weather was positively pants yesterday, and I was feeling rather Gloomsville. So I opened my cupboard and got creating and made these three cards, just for the hell of it! You may recognise the Mo’s images that I coloured during the week? Hopefully you’ll think that I have done them justice? TBH, I’m not sure about the boy card and I don’t know why…… ah well. But I am pleased with the baby girl one, it all came together well. The butterfly one just seemed to evolve. I liked the papers (sorry, it’s from my anonymous pad!) and I bought the ribbon months ago and wanted to use it at last, and butterflies are very ‘in’ aren’t they. The link for Mo’s Digital Pencil is here folks. As you know, my life feels rather heavy going at the moment, it’s like walking through treacle, and I need to have a serious think about the future. I would LOVE crafting to play a bigger part in my life, but am not sure how I can do that and make a living from it. Mmmmmmmm…… big thoughts, any ideas gratefully received peeps! 


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