Reasonably Restrained Shopaholic!


Today I hit the shops of Cheltenham. It felt a bit of a waste of the lovely weather, being inside shops, but I’m not great at being out in the heat so it was okay. Now, I confess that I used to be a bit of a shopaholic. Nothing like Rebecca Bloomwood, the ultimate shopaholic from Sophie Kinsella’s novels (great books, by the way, played in the film by the lovely Isla Fisher). She was more a labels queen, I’m more your High Street type of spender. It was the first time I had been shopping without my favourite shopping buddy, my daughter Lisa, as she is many miles away in New Zealand it just wasn’t practical for her to join me!  Of course, I saw tons of mum/daughter duos, gulp! Ah well. On a lighter note I got a few lovely things: biscuity coloured linen trousers, new flesh coloured bra (not sexy but very practical), some navy and white cropped tapered trousers (LOVE these), a white wispy blouse, and a red and white striped slouchy sweat top. All wardrobe staples, I think, a good job done! Oh, I even got my man a new shirt, generous or what! 


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