What I’m Up To


Hello. Yay! it’s a very sunny Saturday here, and I can’t tell you how it has raised everyone’s mood. We get a bit giddy, don’t we, us Brits, when the sun shines. Fingers crossed for another few days at least. Here are some pics of Work In Progress, more on the sofa than in the Cupboard really. First, I have been colouring some images from Mo’s Digital Pencil. They came out pretty well……. considering that I was squeezed on the sofa with Pudding, my very large cat, who was reluctant to budge up for me and my stuff. I will get some cards made pretty soon using the images and of course, you will get to see them first! Next this is my cross-stitch. I know that Corky has hogged most of the photo, but he is very gorgeous after all. This ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ sampler isn’t too far from being completed, and I WAS going to finish it before I started my new project, but I couldn’t resist making a little start….. ‘can you tell what it is yet?’. Just kidding! I will explain tomorrow, and I think it is going to take me ages, but bearing in mind that I have the long summer holidays coming up (school workers, eh!) I intend to relax and get on with it then. Have a lovely evening all.


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