“I’m Too Old For This S***t!”


What. A. Day! I am really truly beginning to think that the title of this post is true. Today I had to deal with these two ‘ahem’ young ladies, who had been placed in schools version of ‘the slammer’. Always a bad (but fairly common) start when you’re greeted with “well, miss, I aint even done nuffin or nuffin like, I don’t know why I’m even in ‘ere or nuffin’. The conversation continued:

‘Vicky’: “oh miss I aint doin that form, can I do some colourin’

Me (patiently….. it’s still early after all!): “No, I have asked you to do the form please, everyone has to fill one in”

V: “oh god, miss, I don’t know what to write cos I didnt even do nuffin’……….. I ‘avent got a pen”

Me: “Right, so, you came to school without a pen? ooookkaaaaayyy………… use this one”

V: “It’s crap tho, can I do a poster or something? I ain’t doin any work tho, ‘specially for that uvver teacher, I’ate ‘er”

Me (still patient, as if talking to a little child now though!): “You’ll do what you’re asked to do in here. You need to be able to do as you are told, you are not in charge Vicky, I am. Now here’s a pen, fill in the form so that we know what happened, then I will find you some work to do or your class teacher will send some for you to do”

V: ” oh god alright then. But I’m not doin’ Science ‘cos I ‘ate her. Or Maths”

You get the picture? Okay. times that by two, multiply by six and half hours. A few hundred days a year. I love my job! 🙂 


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