Craft Passion Bag- On The Way!


So I have started the bag that I showed you a picture of last week,  and here are the two african flower hexagons that I have made so far. Remember that I said I was going to make it in vintage jubilee inspired  colours? Well, this is what I decided on, what do you think?  I think it should look pretty good, and even better, the little flower hex’s are enjoyable to hook and appear in no time at all. I forgot to give links to the website last time so here it is.  The site is called Craft Passion, and is another winner in my humble opinion. The FREE pattern that I am following is well written and easy to follow and the photos are very clear.  Any way, I have another 26 of these to do and 4 smaller ones…….. I may not be quite as enamoured with them at the end of it but we’ll see! I still haven’t figured out how I will make the handles as the ones on the pattern look tricky for a novice like myself! I will keep you posted readers! 


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