In The Raw!


Another idea that I took from Pinterest here. My friend Doreen has recently had a (biggish) birthday and I wanted to make her something a bit special. Now Doreen is my reflexoligist/ reiki healer friend, and she loves all things natural. So when I saw a necklace made from rustic raw crystals, I thought it would be perfect. I sourced a seller of the crystals on Etsy, and considering they came from the US of A, were a reasonable price and arrived in a week, not bad eh? They came on a knotted string and I decided that I would group two or three on each loop pin and attach them together in a row. I had some silver chain which I doubled up to give it a bit more weight and chunkiness, and used a bar and loop clasp as they are easy to do up and really safe when they are on. I thought that if she wants the necklace a little shorter she could always pop a knot in each side of the chain near the clasp. Fingers-crossed that she loves it


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