Live, Laugh, Cross-stitch


I took some time out from being a domestic goddess this morning to work on this project for a little while. I bought this as a very cheap kit on Ebay a few months ago. The thread that it came with is aqua, which is lovely, but I just couldn’t face the thought of using one colour for all the months that it is going to take me to finish it. So I am using this variegated Anchor thread instead and it is LUSH. Also, I know that you are supposed to begin a cross stitch pattern in the centre of the design, but you know, I just didn’t want to! ‘How very rebellious of you’, I bet you are thinking. Well hell, I’m 50, who’s going to stop me eh?! Ahem, anyway……… fiddly business, cross stitch, and I have fads where I love it and then go right off it for ages. I still have my ‘Raspberry Lemonade’ stitching project on the go, I WILL get going on it again soon, really. There are just too many lovely things to make and just nowhere near enough time to indulge my crafty passions.  


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