My Little Heavenly Haven


This lovely little room, made by my clever man, really is my haven. Especially when I have a houseful of males! Last week we bought this set of chairs and a little footstool, a real bargain, and it just looks so sunny and is so comfortable. In the right corner chair we can see Corky, who obviously knows that we bought the chairs for him, another throne for his Highness! Over the back of the chair we see Richards top, thrown casually, until someone (!) moves it. Next to that is a telescope, which is also serving as a hatstand for Richards Bill Hickcock hat for when he makes his acting debut in Calamity Jane at the end of April- more about that then! On the little table is the big pot of daffodil bulbs which my friend Suzanne had delivered to me on my birthday……ahhhhhhh. My favourite flowers, on their way out now but a few good blooms still. Beautiful. On the footstool is my new Kindle, another birthday present, this time from Richard. I love my Kindle, as I just love to read- bit of escapism and all that. I am currently reading ‘Afterwards’ by Rosamund Lupton, it’s really good-read it!  And of course, in the other corner is THE Cupboard, where lots of creativity (and a fair bit of swearing!) goes on. Please do not look any further than the door, as the tiny bit of ground that according to Bovis Homes, is a garden, is a bit of a mess at the moment. When (if) the weather improves we (I) will try and make it resemble one of those new minimalist type yards, with the decking and colourful pots of flowers etc. Until then we avert our eyes! 


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