The Big Day


Well, my daughter Lisa has done the bridesmaid thing in New Zealand this weekend. Her she is (third from the left) with Clare- the beautiful bride, and the other lovely bridesmaids. I love this picture, the colours are wonderful and it’s just so happy. We spoke last night on Skype and she told me about the wedding, and what an amazing day it was, and how she dyed her hair and thought it was going to turn blue, and how her sunburnt shoulders began to peel and ruin her spray tan just hours before the wedding, and how we laughed!!! A bit later I was in bed drifting of to sleep and thinking about it all and how much I miss her, and then I realised………..yes, every cloud DOES have a silver lining. And the reason I say this is because if these little problems had happened here, in Tewkesbury, I would have undoubtedly received a few distraught phone calls and cries for help with the ‘disaster’ that was taking place, bless her! Hey ho, I guess that’s what Mums are for! 


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