In The Bag!


Hi all, happy weekend. Here is my completed hexagon bag, I’m well pleased with it and wanted to show it off!  I found the hexagon pattern on Lucy’s blog at Attic24, lovely clear instructions as usual- thanks Lucy! I really enjoyed making the hexagons, very therapeutic. I used random colours from my yarn bag (as you can tell, what a mish-mash!), but I guess you could colour-scheme it to match an outfit or reflect your favourite shades. I used this picture from Pinterest as a template, but did the handles a bit differently, crocheting vertical stripes and edging them with a picot stitch- which I’d just learnt how to do and wanted to practice! I made them  a bit longer to as I like to put my bags on my shoulder. I got a pretty vintage-style design fabric quarter from eBay, and stitched it into the bag- didn’t enjoy this, bit of a fiddlefart, but had to be done. I sewed two more hexagons inside the bag to cover and secure where the handles were stitched. Lastly, I sewed on a very fancy button each side of the bag and chained a length of yarn which I sewed under one button and then slipped over the other button just to keep belongings a bit safer. Ta da! All done, and totally unique. 


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