As you know (regular readers), my daughter left Tewkesbury a couple of weeks ago to go to New Zealand. Here she is with Clare and Nick Booth. Clare and Nick are brother and sister and when my two were young they all used to play together. The Booths had lived in New Zealand before, and returned there when the kids were about 11 and 13. Lisa has kept in touch and always said that one day she would visit them. Last year Clare asked Lisa if she would be her bridesmaid, which gave Lisa (and Paul, her boyfriend) the incentive to save hard and finalise a date to go. They are having a great time and being well looked after by Clare and Chaz, her fiance, Nick, and Sarah and Dave- Clare and Nicks Mum and Dad. I am missing her lots, but Skype is great and really helps to lessen the miles. The first morning they arrived Lisa skyped me as soon as she knew that I was up and about. It was half 7 in the morning here, and I was staggering around the kitchen going through the normal routine and feeding the 4 furry babies who miaow like mad until their needs have been met. So, picture the scene: me in scraggy dressing gown, hair everywhere, yesterdays make-up in evidence around the eyes…… waving at Lisa, and Clare, and Chaz, oh dear! Meanwhile the cats are becoming frantic as instead as getting on with feeding them I seemed to be talking to a metal rectangle- terrible service. Now, our blind/deaf/old cat, Bump has an incredibly loud miaow, which Clare’s dog in New Zealand heard and ran around barking like crazy…… which Jake, my dog, heard, and started to whine and race around our house, sending the cats flying everywhere. Bizarre, animal communication over thousands of miles!   


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