A Big Whoop!


Half-term is here, and rather than jumping for joy I have instead opted to slump on the sofa….. for the foreseeable future (which will probably be tomorrow, as my house bears a close resemblance to Steptoe’s yard, and I cannot bear it for much longer!). This year has so far limped and lurched along. I have been ill a few times already, and been through emotional upheaval, waving my daughter off the other side of the planet for goodness knows how long. My half-century (yikes!) birthday approaches speedily, although I feel no less silly at times than I did thirty years ago. When I stand near a mirror there’s always this slightly tubby woman there with a rather jowly face who looks remarkably like my Nan, hey ho, whatever, she has a nice smile……..(note to self, smile, lots!). This week I have discovered the work of Maurie, on Mo’s Digital Pencil. What a talented illustrator she is. This pic is one of her images, and I have bought a few more that I intend to colour and show off on some cards. I hope I can do them justice. Please follow the link and take a look at her work. I prefer digital downloads to stamping I think as it’s so easy to keep them, and print what you need and the ink stays put when you colour them, and there are no inky stamps to wash afterwards- god I’m lazy!¬†


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