Remember Me?


First post in a couple of weeks! So sorry, but I have had a nasty, nasty, lurgy and just haven’t felt up to making or posting. I will try and make this up to you…. and to start here are two scarves for you to cast your eyes upon. The black one is from here. It is incredibly simple and fast, but it has taken me ages to finish because I decided to edge it with lovely pom-pom trim, and I needed lots of it and had to keep sending off for more. Now that it is finished I am wearing it as much as possible to justify the amount of time it has sat in my work basket waiting to be loved! The second one is from here, and again it is simple and I think it is quite elegant looking. It is fairly slim, but you could add a couple of rows either side to make it more substantial if you wanted. I love these colours together, and really like the picot edging too. My lovely friend Di has a new coat and I thought the red would match it, and I know that she loves these bluey green type shades. So Di, if you like it, it’s yours!  I am now making one in a gorgeous, rich,deep teal silky yarn. I found both patterns on Pinterest, and they are FREE! I have so many patterns and tutorials from this site that I need never buy any again……. obviously, I will buy some, because that’s what I do best, buy things! See you tomorrow. x


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