In With The New


Hi there, the weekend is here which means I get to bore you again…….. yay! Thought I would show you WIP (works in progress) and my ‘ta da’s’ (completed stuff). My plan was to show you my lovely finished scarf first, and title the post ‘Out with the Old’ (new year theme, see?). But, I need to take a photo when it is light and I didn’t give it a thought earlier. So, you are getting ‘In with the new’ first, as I have managed to grab some time on the computer, no mean feat in this house, so I wanted to post, like, now! Okay, well the pictures are of what I have started this week. A cross-stitch project called Raspberry Lemonade. Now, I haven’t done any cross-stitch for a long, long time. I just went off it I suppose. But I saw this on Etsy and I think it’s stunning. It’s been designed by Joan Theodore from, and cost about £4 for the chart which was sent as a PDF file. I have stuck to the colours shown so that it’s not too complicated (for me!). I looked at loads of kits online but so many are just too cutesie and whimsical even for me, so I prefer abstract-type things. My other project is called a Luna Lovegood Scarf, and I got the pattern for free from Pinterest (via Ravel- great site with loads of patterns, quite a few are free). I am using three colours- a dark red, pale turquoise, and a dark teal. So far, so pretty! Photo on completion, of course, and sorry for the back-to-front posts but hey, you don’t mind do you?! 


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